2017 Calendar of Events

March 1 Registration begins for Club Teams
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Race & Festival Early Bird Registration Begins
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May 1
Boat Launch & Practices start on North Glenmore Reservoir
(weather dependant)
May 28 Dragon Boat Steering Clinic
May 30 Official "Dragon Boat Festival Day"
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May 30 Dragon Boat Festival Banquet & Annual General Meeting (AGM) Celebration
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June 10-11 CDBS Paddling Camp
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June 11 Race & Festival Early Bird Registration ends
June 18 Dragon Boat Steering Clinic
July 23 Race & Festival Registration Deadline
July 23-24 CDBS Paddling Camp
August 9 Volunteer Orientation Session @ 5:00pm
Calgary Canoe Club
August 11 Team Captains Meeting @ 7:00pm
August 12-13
2017 Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival
North Glenmore Reservoir

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October 1 Practices ends on North Glenmore Reservoir
(weather dependant)

Last Update: January 27, 2017

Be aware dates may be subjected to change without notice, please check periodically. Notice of updates will be communicated via Facebook & Twitter.